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Rabbit hole

As you crept through the garden following Alice, you fell into a Rabbit Hole and have landed in a strange new world. Can you make sense of this wonderland and find your way back to reality? Don’t let this fairy tale fool you – Wonderland is not an easy place to escape – and those that fail may end up losing their heads!


A demented Psychiatrist has abducted you along with other mental patients from a local hospital.  He has brought you to this abandoned asylum for horrible experiments and operations! You soon realize that you have been here before… and left yourself clues on how to escape. Can you retrace your steps and free everyone in the compound? Or will you run out of time before the Dr. Returns?

Old 97 – Coming soon!

It’s September 1903. Old 97 arrived in Monroe, from Washington an hour late.  Southern Railway, pushed the replacing crew, especially engineer Joseph Broady to make it on time to Spencer, North Carolina. To make up for the delay Broady would have to speed up through Franklin Junction and run through numerous danger points with signs posted for engineers to watch their speed. As part of the crew, you realize that Stillhouse Trestle is within sight and the train is going far too fast to take the curve! Can you stop the train before disaster strikes?

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